oh mila, my sweet girl. you have so much love for mama. constantly coming up to deliver kisses and give me squeezes. sometimes i'm unsure how you have that much love inside your wee body! you get the best giggle from papa sillies and the way you look wide-eyed at your big sister evia when she is unknowingly giving you one of life's-simplest-of-lesson. i get teary thinking about how much life you still have ahead of you and the amazing journey it will be. you've proven in your five years that you will continue to balance whatever life throws at you. you have such will power and simultaneously have the sweetest softness. 

you love kitties, salads with vinegar, aged cheeses, signing the annie musical, dancing, older kids, laughing, all of your family and learning to read. what you don't like: weird smells, when mama says you can't sleep in her bed and being *made* to do something. 

i kept waiting for us to recover the photos on the external hard-drive to write this post so i could show a year in the life of mila...but alas it's still broken and 3
months later i'm finally just going for it. instead, a few photos from your birthday that hadn't been uploaded. you made some huge triumphs this year and i am so proud of you. (and even when you creep in in the middle of the night and mama says you have to go back to sleep in your own bed, which is basically never...i immediately wish it didn't have to be and instead you were curled right back up next to me). 

i love your 5 year self and who you will become.

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